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Source: Zen Running Club ZR 01 Snow White / Cool Grey / Cantaloupe

1. Zen Running Club is a startup that took a huge swing with their first shoe. Using a similar construction to the number 2 shoe on this list, the addition of a flywire styled lacing system added to the knit upper, and the fact that I’ve logged considerable miles in the shoe already, make it my number 1 company for an eco-friendly option in running. At 139 it’s less expensive than more established companies, but I have to ping the model because it doesn’t have any reflective properties and the heel doesn’t form to your foot, but the lock down is very good and I can wear them without socks because of the Castor bean sockliner.

Source: Allbirds Tree Dashers in Blizzard White

2. I haven’t tested this shoe, but the Zen shoe and this Allbirds model share an almost identical description. Zen chose to go with a rocker shaped midsole and I’m a fan of that midsole as it kind of keeps you moving forward when you start running. I spoke with a peer who has been logging miles in the Dasher and he swears by them. He is a much lighter runner than I am, but he is just as tall at 6-4. At 125, this is the least expensive model on the list.

Source: Newton Motion 10 Lake Blue/Black

3. The first two options, in my opinion aren’t serious running shoes. They are good options for those who are looking for a trainer they can wear casually as well, but they aren’t developed with technology meant to empower longer distance running. I’m sure the thought now is, then why place those two as the 1 and 2 on this list? Simple, because they are simple. Runners can be an elitist group. As a former coach I realize that people have to access training, running, Crossfit, HIIT, or just a basic workout, without intimidation. When you look at running shoes, it can be intimidating. This shoe looks fast and it looks serious, because it is. The Motion 10 features one of the most interesting eco-friendly approaches I’ve seen. “[C]rafted with a new formulation of extremely durable recycled materials and EcoPure® to help reduce the amount of waste and plastics in our environment. An average shoe can take over 40 years to biodegrade, our Motion 10 is specially treated to break down into nontoxic biomass & biogas up to 75% quicker in landfills while not compromising quality or performance in any way.” Had you heard of EcoPure? Probably not. Click here to read more.

Source: Merrell Moab Flight Earth Day Silver

4. Like the Newton Running Motion 10, this shoe can be intimidating on first glance. It’s a trail shoe and it’s built for outdoor sport. The shoe doesn’t make any claims of breaking down into biomass, but for a traditionally built trainer, it knocks almost every sneaker you can think of out of contention and discussion.

• 70% recycled mesh upper • 100% recycled laces • EVA foam insole with 50% recycled top sheet • Vibram® EcoStep is 30% recycled rubber • Vegan-Friendly

While most sneaker sites like to tout Nike Grind or Parlay from adidas, the recycled materials there are almost negligible. When asking brands to transition from old methods of make to more eco-friendly options it’s a hard thing to do. Merrell has been making the changes quietly, but consistently. Some models of these shoes are on sale right now for 71.99!

Source: Cloudneo: the 100% recyclable sustainable shoe | On

5. The On-Running Cloundneo, formerly known as Cyclon doesn’t arrive until 2022 and doesn’t have a definite release date. That’s why it shows up in the final spot. You will never own this shoe. You can only get the model via a subscription model at 29.99 a month. It’s an interesting concept and to be fair it minimizes the clutter of replacing your running shoes ever 200 miles. The shoes never go into a landfill and you don’t have to worry about the stacks of sneaker boxes. How many people will rent shoes is yet to be seen, but it’s important for the environment and I think it’s important for On-Running to build and promote this concept. adidas and Allbirds have a similar concept and I could just as easily drop that shoe below, and I will as an honorable mention: adidas Made to be Remade Ultraboost $180

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