Closed-cell float PE foam insulation board expanded polyethylene board

Closed Cell Floats Pe Foam Insulation Board Expanded Polyethylene SheetSpecification Foam Type:  XPE FOAM / XLPE FOAM + AL Film + ADHESIVE PropertyStandardUnitValueDensity-Kg/m³33.33Tensile StrengthTransverseISO-1798MPa0.39~0.41Longitudinal0.23~0.28Tearing StrengthTransverseISO-8067 Kn/m1.84~2.

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Closed Cell Floats Pe Foam Insulation Board Expanded Polyethylene Sheet


  • Foam Type:  XPE FOAM / XLPE FOAM + AL Film + ADHESIVE
Tensile StrengthTransverseISO-1798MPa0.39~0.41
Tearing StrengthTransverseISO-8067
Compression 25%ISO-3386-1kPa36.80
Compression 45%ISO-3386-1kPa66.70
Compression 50%ISO-3386-1kPa96.90
Compression Set 25%  0.5HISO-1856%15.80
Compression Set 25%  24HISO-1856%5.80
Operating Temperature RangeInternal°C(-40,+80)
Water Absorption % Volume (Maximum)Internal%0.50
Thermal Conductivity JIS A1412-2W/mK0.040
Shore - CASTM D2240°C23

Additional Information
All tests were carried out in 23°C ± 2.
Data represents typical values measured on a 15mm thick specimen and should be considered as guidelines only.
Processing method by eletronic heating.
12 kg/100m2  glue.


1) Waterproof,clean, light, flexible,non-absorbent surface 
2) Recyclable, environmentally friendly
3) Easily install, cut, stapled, nailed or glued into place
4) Effective in extreme temperatures both hot and cold
5) Safe to handle with no special clothing or breathing Equipment
6) Easy to cut and install, without the protective clothing or respirators during installment.
7) Does not support the growth of fungus or mold.
8) Vapor and radon retarder
9) Not affected by moisture or humidity


Chemically Cross Linked Polyethylene insulation also known as XPE or XLPE Insulation is new age widely used insulation material in HVAC industry as well as for Plumbing and hot water pipe insulation.
Being the leading names in the industry, we offer an extensive range of Duct as well as Pipe form XLPE / XPE Insulation that is acclaimed among the clients for high quality and smooth operations. They are thermostatically balanced in nature and have long service life.

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17 years of production experience.
Factory production bases in Shenzhen,Huzhou, 
17 production lines 
6000 tons capacity of production every year

Biggest and the most professional irradiation cross-linked polyethylene conductive foam manufacturer in China 

Main products are Cross-linked PE foam materialIXPE foamXPE foamConductive IXPE foamESD foam trayESD packing materialBeach mat, camping mat, sleeping mat, yoga mat; etc. 

UL, ISO, SGS, Rohs, Reach , CE approval. 


1.Is polyethylene a good insulator?
Polyethylene isa good insulator, it resists caustic materials, it is almost unbreakable and is environment-friendly. Polyethylene is reliable under every circumstance and it can easily deal with tropical temperatures as well as the frosty cold of the polar circle. This tough material is hard wearing.

2.What is polyethylene for?
Polyethylene. Polyethylene is a commonly used plastic material that consists of a long chain of carbon atoms with two hydrogen atoms attached to each carbon atom.

3.What does cross linked polyethylene mean?
Cross-linked polyethylene, commonly abbreviated PEX, XPE or XLPE, is a form ofpolyethylene with cross-links. It is used predominantly in building services pipework systems, hydronic radiant heating and cooling systems, domestic water piping, and insulation for high tension (high voltage) electrical cables.

4.Should I use open or closed cell foam?
Closed cell spray foam, being more dense than open cell spray foam, will have a higher R-value per inch. However, when you apply a typical depth of open cell -- 3 inches -- and closed cell -- 2 inches -- you are stopping approximately the same amount of heat flow.

Closed Cell Floats PE Foam Insulation Board Expanded Polyethylene Sheet


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